U.S. considering cutting all trade with countries doing business with DPRK

WASHINGTON, Sept. 4 — The United States is considering stopping
“all trade” with any country doing business with the Democratic People’s
Republic of Korea (DPRK), U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted Sunday.

The threat came after DPRK’s official media has announced that the country
had successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb capable of being carried by an
intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).In an earlier tweet, Trump called
the words and actions of the DPRK “very hostile and dangerous” to the
United States.Trump also said he will be meeting with White House Chief of
Staff John Kelly, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and other military
leaders at the White House to discuss the DPRK issue.Chinese Foreign
Ministry issued a statement on Sunday, expressing firm opposition to and
strong condemnation of the nuclear test by the DPRK.”The DPRK has ignored
the international community’s widespread opposition and conducted a nuclear
test again. The Chinese government expresses resolute objection to and
strong condemnation of it,” the ministry’s statement said. – XINHUA