Teen rapist case postponed to November

SWAKOPMUND, Oct. 12 – Catherine Kooper, a 24-year old Swakopmund resident, appeared in the Swakopmund Magistrate’Court earlier this week after she was charged with committing an immoral act with a minor and rape.
Kooper allegedly had a sexual relationship a 15-year old boy, entertaining the teenager at her residence since August this year, culminating in the boy dropping out of school.

However, she was arrested over the past weekend and appeared before Magistrate Conchiter Olivier, before she was denied bail, and her case postponed until 23 November for further investigations.

Sexual Predators add to growing “Criminal Haven” tag…

Only last week, it emerged that another child sexual predator was on the loose, as parents of five minor girls from Walvis Bay reported one ‘Mr. Alex’ of engaging their children in sexual activities. All of the victims are under the age of 16.

Recently, the coastal town of Swakopmund carried out a silent protest in order to deter granting bail to the double-murder accused trio of Daniel Stefanus Nghilifa (26), Jerobiam Simon Shidute (23) and Fabianus Lazarus (24.)

The trio stand accused of murdering the elderly Strzelecki couple during a home invasion in August at Swakopmund. Mrs Strzelecki was killed during the invasion, while Mr Strzelecki later succumbed to his injuries in hospital.

Barely a fortnight after the elderly couple’s murder, a pair of daring capers displayed nerves of steel reckless abandon when they robbed a law firm’s delivery woman at gunpoint in broad daylight.

The audacious robbery occurred during lunch time in Sam Nujoma Avenue (CBD), as two men approached a woman from behind, pretending to be meat sellers. Once they got close enough, one of the men held a gun to her head, while the other proceeded to strip her of all her jewelry (including her wedding ring), cell phone and handbag before they fled the scene.- Marshallino Beukes