Sudan says looking forward to working with U.S. for full normalization of ties

KHARTOUM, Oct. 9– The Sudanese government on Saturday said it
was looking forward to working with the U.S. administration to fully
normalize relations between the two countries.

“We are looking forward, after the lifting of sanctions, to working
together for full normalization,” Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim
Ghandour told reporters at Khartoum airport early Saturday. “Sudan-U.S
ties are old and we are looking forward to bringing them back to their
normal and natural track,” he said. He went on saying that “the lifting of
the U.S sanctions on Sudan came as a natural outcome of a dialogue that
lasted for about 16 months and as a result of understandings between the
two countries.” The United States on Friday decided to lift its economic
sanctions on Sudan permanently, citing Sudan’s “sustained positive actions
to maintain a cessation of hostilities in conflict areas in Sudan, improve
humanitarian access throughout Sudan, and maintain cooperation with the
United States on addressing regional conflicts and the threat of terrorism.”

The U.S State Department announced that the decision would go into effect
as of Oct. 12. The United States has been imposing sanctions on Sudan since
1997 and listing it as one of the countries sponsoring terrorism. In late
July, the United States extended a review period of three months to decide
whether to permanently lift trade sanctions on Sudan given its human rights
records and other issues.On Jan. 13, former U.S. President Barack Obama
made a decision to cancel two executive orders imposing economic sanctions
on Sudan.The executive orders gave 180 days for review before the sanctions
are fully lifted to ensure the Sudanese government maintains its efforts on
human rights and anti-terrorism. The decision also allowed a resumption of
all banking transactions and trade exchange between the two countries. – XINHUA