Somali central gov’t pledges closer ties with regional states

MOGADISHU, Oct. 12 — Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed,
widely known as Farmajo, on Thursday called for unity and cooperation with
the regional states for prosperity of the Horn of Africa nation.

Farmajo said he has been keenly following the concerns of the leaders of
the federal member states and underscored the need for closer cooperation
between the Federal Government and the Federal Members States to achieve
the hope of peace and prosperity for our country. “I want to remind you
all that we must acknowledge that our country is on the path of recovery,
and the only way we can achieve full recovery is through cooperation,” he
said in a statement. The statement comes after the leaders who have been
meeting in Jubbaland capital Kismayu in southern Somalia for the last four
days sought more bargaining power with the central government which
controls 90 percent of the country’s administration.

During the meeting which kicked off on Sunday, the regional states called
on the central government to make regular consultations on pressing issues
affecting the states as well as ways of resolving political disputes
amongst them. The meeting which brought together regional presidents from
Puntland, Jubbaland, Glamudug, HirShabelle and Southwest called on the
central government to come up with a new strategy based on cooperation and
also set up a body to fix the underlying issues between the federal and
regional governments. In his statement, Farmajo acknowledged that in a
nascent federal system, there would be challenges and that must always be
solved amicably through dialogue while remaining faithful to the
constitution. “We must therefore all strive for the greater good of this
country and be true to the oath that we all took to put the country first,”
the Somali leader said.The president said he remained confident that all
concerns will be resolved and that leaders would remain true to the pledge
of putting the interest of our country before anything else.The conference
which ended on Wednesday night was also aimed at resolving the differences
between Somalia’s central government and federal member states over the
Gulf diplomatic crises. – XINHUA