SKW defeats Cohen in cup tourney

Windhoek, Feb.16–Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW 1) defeated Cohen Fistball Club (CFC 1) in the Bank Windhoek Fistball National Cup Tournament final over the weekend in Swakopmund. SKW 1 beat CFC 1, who dominated the opening tournament over the past three seasons. Boosted by home turf advantage, Swakopmund Fistball Club (SFC 1) emerged victorious in the Category B Final.
The National Cup Tournament, divided into two groups, saw seven participating teams compete for top honours. CFC 1, SFC 1, SFC 2 and SKW 2 battled it out in Group A. As the current Bank Windhoek Fistball League Champions, CFC 1 cruised through the group stages and qualified for the semi-finals. They were followed by SFC 1, who beat club mates SFC 2 and rivals SKW 2 in their semi-finals journey. After that, the hosts, SFC 2, played SKW 2 for the Category B bragging rights.
Group B, played in a round-robin mode, comprised SFC 2, SKW 2, and SFC Old Boys. Contrary to all expectations, SFC Old Boys won both encounters, while SFC 2 and SKW 2 took second and third place in the Category B.
CFC 1 and CFC 2 battled it out in the semi-finals stages. After some initial difficulties, CFC 1 outplayed its counterpart and advanced into the final. SKW 1 also qualified for the Category A finals after defeating SFC 1, who also lost against CFC 2 in the game for third place, thus, SFC 1 had to settle for the fourth place.
SKW 1 started on a high note in the final encounter and quickly took a 3:0 lead against arch-rivals Cohen Fistball Club. Without their star player, Rico-Kühnle Kreitz, CFC never got into the match. Michael Baas from SKW 1 was in top form and kept his team at a distance with his serves, which resulted in a three-point lead at halftime. CFC 1 came close to two points in the second half but could not turn the game around. CFC 1 made too many errors in the defence and build-up, which ultimately sealed their first defeat after 26 games won in a row. The final score was 24:20 in favour of SKW 1.
SFC 1 and SFC 2 equally shared the first spot in the youth division as both teams won three games each. The SKW youth team took the second place.
Next on the Bank Windhoek Fistball League is the opening tournament, which will take place on Saturday, 13 March 2021, in Windhoek.

Ndamono N Iizyenda

Namibia Daily News