S. Sudan says border demarcation crucial for security

JUBA, Oct. 6 — South Sudan said on Tuesday that ongoing border
demarcation talks with some of its neighbors will improve security and
enhance cordial relations.

Despite financial constraints, ongoing discussions with Democratic Republic
of Congo (DRC) officials on demarcation of their porous border will help
improve security and trade, foreign ministry spokesman Mawien Makol said.
The discusses are still ongoing, Makol said in Juba. “We need to put
concrete borders to avoid conflicts.” According to the United Nations, the
DRC hosts over 80,775 South Sudanese refugees. South Sudan also hopes to
finalize demarcation of its longest borderline with its northern neighbor,
Sudan. Security analyst Jacob Chol warned of the spillover effect of the
South Sudan war on neighboring countries. “The entire East and Horn of
Africa region should be wary of the spillover effect of the South Sudan
conflict,” Chol said. “Already, refugees are flocking into these countries
and cross-border movement of illicit arms is at an all-time high.”

South Sudan descended into violence in December 2013 after political
dispute between President Salva Kiir and his former deputy Riek Machar led
to fighting that pitted mostly Dinka ethnic soldiers loyal to Kiir against
Machar’s Nuer ethnic group. A 2015 peace agreement to end the violence
collapsed in July 2016, when the rival factions resumed fighting in the
capital, forcing the rebel leader, Machar, into exile. The conflict has
killed tens of thousands and forced millions of others to seek refuge in
neighbouring countries. – XINHUA