President Geingob pays homage to the men and women whose blood waters Namibia ‘s freedom.

Windhoek, May 4- In his message on the occasion of the 43rd Commemoration of Cassinga Day President Geingob paid homage to the men and women who sacrifice their lives during the Casinga day massacre in Angola.
“We therefore, salute the bravery and selflessness of all the men and women whose sacrifice have made it possible for us to be free today”.

The journey of breaking the shackles of colonialism and Apartheid was
long and bitter, lasting over a century. Sons and daughters of the Land of
the Brave endured unspoken hardships, bled and died in the name of our freedom.

This year marks 43 years since the deadly Cassinga Massacre of innocent
civilians.On this fateful day, 4 May 1978, we recall the merciless attack on
hundreds of our innocent citizens, women and children, who had taken refuge at a transit refugee camp in the Angolan village of Cassinga in the
early morning hours, resulting in a bloody massacre by the then South
African Defence Force on 4 May 1978.

President Geingob also honoured Angola and Cuba for the role they played during Namibia struggle for independence.

“As we commemorate the sons and daughters who paid the ultimate
sacrifice for our freedom, we honour our brothers and sisters of Angola
and Cuba, for their support during our bitter struggle for liberation and
for paying the ultimate sacrifice for our independence and sovereignty”.

In remembering the heroes of our liberation struggle, I wish to implore all Namibians to guard our peace and stability jealously. Where there is no
peace, there can be no development. And where there is no development,
there can be no peace.

Let us continue to hold hands as we stay the cause of the second phase
of our struggle, to bring prosperity to our people.
Long Live the Heroes of Cassinga!
Long Live the memory of our struggle for freedom!

Robert Maseka