Performing banned ritual, Indian man falls to death from temple at 2,400 feet

NEW DELHI, Oct. 16 — A 38-year-old man slipped to death after
falling from the edge of 2,400-feet high temple on a cliff while performing
a banned ritual of going around the Hindu temple in southern Indian state
of Tamil Nadu, police said Monday.

The man identified as T Arumugam, an auto-rickshaw driver, was filmed by
witnesses in Tiruchirappalli district, about 332 km south of Chennai, the
capital city of Tamil Nadu. Reports said onlookers had no time to save
him. The video shows the man casually stepped on to the narrow ledge of
the temple perched on top of a hill and encircled it. By the time he
realised he had lost his grip, it was too late to do anything. Following
the incident, locals alerted police who undertook searches along the
foothills to recover his body on Sunday. Though the ritual is banned at
the temple, but police said the victim defied it and took two rounds around
it. “He carried out the ritual in clear violation of the ban,” a police
official said. Reports said hundreds of devotees visit the temple during
the Tamil month of Purattasi as part of their faith attached to it. – XINHUA