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Ohorongo Cement cuts fossil fuels import by using wood chips for energy.

Windhoek, Nov 24 – – Ohorongo Cement so far have reduced their import of fossil fuels and gone local with a new alternative called wood chips which are locally available, adding positively to the growth at home strategy. The use of alternative fuels reduces the negative environmental impact on our environment. culture of technological advancement and innovation has been started at Ohorongo from the very beginning. Alternative fuels have been successfully used since 2011.

Presently wood chips derived from encroacher bushes, charcoal fines and refuse derived fuel are being burnt in the clinker process at temperatures of above 2,000 degrees Celsius. Besides multiple benefits for the environment (contribution to reduction of bush encroachment, to reduction of landfill waste and to increased biodiversity) also numerous new jobs have been created via these initiatives. Last but not least the usage of alternative fuels combined with the energy efficient process makes Ohorongo’s Sargberg plant to one of the lowest specific (in tons of CO² per ton of clinker) CO² emitting cement plants worldwide.

Source:Ohorogo Cement Website

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Robert Maseka