Northern business mogul passes on.

Oshakati- 15 October 2020The Northern community is plunged into mourning after the death of local business mogul Johannes Haidika well as known as “Nambango”  who passed away at the Windhoek Central Hospital on Tuesday.

In a statement issued by the Governor of Oshana Region Elia Irimari “Nambango’s” death is described as a great loss to the business community and the whole northern region at large.

“The last time I saw and spoke to “Nambango” was during the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic when he came to the office with donations for the communities affected. He was a humble, hardworking and down to earth   businessman and his death is a great loss to the region,” noted Irimari.

Irimari who at the same time conveyed his condolences to the bereaved family said he hoped that business at the “Onambango” group of retail outlets would continue to thrive even in his absence.

“This is a great loss to the region, to his family, his village and all his associates, we know that death can rob us of the good people in our lives but at the same time when a person dies and there is no well crafted plan to continue on the business legacy of the deceased everything falls apart we only hope that in this case business continues,” said Irimari.

Local business personality Sigo Amunyela also noted that the northern business was pained Nambango’s passing. “We are so much pained by Nambango’s passing. He was a great businessman, and a great guy, very helpful. We don’t have a lot of local retail shops here, they are all owned by foreigners but Nambango kept going. We can only pray to God to keep his legacy going.

The late Nambango had retail shops in Oshana, Ohangwena and Oshikoto regions.

By Kakunawe Shinana