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Namibia’s ministry warns town residents of presence of elephants

WINDHOEK, June 8 (Xinhua) — Namibia’s Ministry of Environment has cautioned residents of Katima Mulilo in the northeast Zambezi region and nearby areas of the presence of elephants in the vicinity of the town.
The ministry spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda confirmed to Xinhua Tuesday that the ministry had received reports of damage mainly to fences close to the residential areas caused by the jumbos.
Muyunda said that the ministry believes these elephants are from neighboring Zambia and this is not the first time they have ventured into the vicinity.
Residents living within the peripheral of the town are called upon to be cautious at all times, according to the ministry.
Meanwhile, Muyunda told Xinhua that ministry officials, in addition to cautioning the public, have tried to chase the elephants away from fields and residential areas for the past two weeks, but the elephants have since returned.
“Currently we continue to monitor the elephants’ movements and we await the officials on the ground’s final analysis of the situation and from then the ministry will decide on what course to take,” he added.