Namibia wild horses thriving after rains

WINDHOEK, July 13 — Namibia Wild Horses Foundation Friday confirmed that the once endangered horses are thriving after recent rains in the desert which is expected to bring on wild flowers and grass for the horses.

According to the foundation, the recent rains were sufficient to keep grass alive.
“The horses are currently in a good to moderate condition. We received some rain recently, so the remaining grass has benefited a bit.

“The Environment and Tourism ministry shot a few hyenas beginning of the year, so it is rather quiet in the moment. No horses have been preyed on in the last couple of months,” the foundation said.

The foundation added that there are about 32 mares that have conceived and will be giving birth from September onwards.

Meanwhile, the environment ministry is busy with a management plan for the Garub area (where the horses live) that includes the management of all species in the park and will declare the Garub area as a special land use management zone.

The Wild horses of the Namib are among the top 10 tourist attractions in Namibia as they embody the wild and free spirit of the country and have been the subject of numerous documentary films and are used to promote the country as a popular tourist destination. – XINHUA