MTC puts temporary mobile network site at Leonardville

WINDHOEK , Oct. 5 – After the collapse of MTCs Leonardville tower on Saturday 30th September 2017, an alternative mobile network site has been placed in the area restoring full GSM services.

The temporary will serve Leonardville-based customers whilst construction and re-erection of the fallen base transmitter station is ongoing.

“We would like to once again extend our apologies for any inconvenience incurred during the downtime of the site. In the meantime, a mobile site is dispatched to the area to ensure that there is network connectivity and continuity. Our technical teams are hard at work to rebuilt and make sure that the designated Leonardville tower is up and running again,” said MTC Chief Human Capital and Corporate Affairs officer, Tim Ekandjo. – NDN Staffer

FILE PHOTO: Cell-phone tower