Motorsport expo ready to thrill

By Francois Lottering
WINDHOEK, APRIL 24 – Motorsport in Namibia dates back for over half a century with the biggest rally, the Tara Rally, created and matured on local soil. And every year since then many motor sport activities takes place all most weekly across Namibia. This includes various codes ranging from circuit racing, spinning, drifting to Enduros circuit.

These became the biggest motivator for Bradley Fereira from Big Boy Racing ( BBR) to bring together all the codes at one place so that motor sport enthusiasts can meet up with their favorite drivers and get to learn more about the sport, and even get a glimpse inside the cockpits of some of these mean machines.

This coming weekend will see the second three day Motorsport Expo at the Tony Rust Race Track west of Windhoek when gates open on 25 April, showcasing world class drivers with several South African participants expecting to arrive this week in Namibia.

Fereira told Namibia Daily News this weekend that Namibians will for the first time ever see ten local and international drifters in action at the same time, while visitors will be able to mingle with the men and ladies operating these fast cars.

“The first expo was not as we expected, said Fereira as Namibians are normally reluctant to attend something new, but this year will be different as the race tracks that are normally off limit for non racers will now be open. But due to safety as motor sport is dangerous, all officials, marshals and paramedics are already briefed about crowd control and spectator safety.

“A hot topic for this weekend with five events over three days starting this Thursday with spinning events with guys (teams) from South Africa,” Fereira told this reporter on Monday.

Namibians will see a 200 meter drag race as well which is not a common drag distance, but we assure the spectators good drags over this shortened distance Fereira added. But it is not all about action, as some automotive dealers will showcase their latest models and accessories to the visitors.

The event is made possible with the kind sponsorship from Engen Namibia, Tyre Rack, Coca Cola and the Windhoek Motor Club And starts on Thursday and ends on Saturday.

Fereira told this publication that every motor sport enthusiast will have something to remember as BBR ensured that big names like MafGas and Bad Company from South Africa, while Namibia will push guys like Richard Slamet while Peter “ Most Wanted “ Opali is hard at work behind the scenes to see if he can get his car ready for this event.