Moscow adds facial recognition to CCTV cameras for fast identification of criminals

MOSCOW, Oct. 3 — Moscow is adding facial recognition technology
to the city’s 170,000 surveillance cameras in an attempt to identify
criminals faster, Bloomberg News reported.

Moscow’s network of security cameras has been recording millions of hours
of video since 2012, but processing all the footage remains an almost
impossible task. The facial recognition technology might be a game
changer.The technology upgrade comes at a critical time when Russia is
boosting its efforts to fight terrorism. Twelve terror attacks were foiled
in the first half of the year, according to a report by the Russian
Prosecutor General’s Office.The technology has been provided by Russian
startup Ntechlab. Its accuracy is recognized by the U.S. Department of
Commerce and the University of Washington, the report added.Six people on a
federal “wanted” list were detained when the technology underwent a
two-month trial earlier this year.
However, it will be applied only selectively due to the high cost of
covering all the surveillance cameras in the city. – XINHUA