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Kangweru Tops 10 Men Beats United Stars 1-0.

RUNDU – MAY 1,The youthful team of Kangweru Tops shockingly beat United Stars on homeground at Rundu Sport Stadium during the NFA MTC Aweh Cup this afternoon.

Both United Stars and Kangweru Tops traded at NFA first division. Kangweru Tops is rural based, from Kangweru Village 105 km east of Rundu in the Ndonga linena Constituency, of Kavango East Region.

It was an exciting game as both teams played aggressively, but the single goal from striker Marco Tapalo Shiyaka, number (7), in the first half of the game separated the two teams as the black and white boys from Kangweru clinged to that single goal until end of the game.

United Stars took control in the second half of the game when Kangweru’s defender, Sindimba Naukongo, also known as Raul, was given a red card after receiving two yellow cards but that was not enough for the Rundu based team to equalise as the rural boys outperformed them clearly with pacemaking them to chase shadows all the times.

Man of the match was John Muronga, goal keeper of Kangweru Tops, who early this year created a public outcry when he was controversially dropped from the U/20 National team by coach James Britz. This team went to the U/20 AFCON in Mauritania but never progressed from the first stage of the tournament.

When contacted for comments, coach of Kangweru Tops Ngandu Nyangana, told this reporter that Kangweru’s aim is to win the final stage of this tournament.

“In our game tomorrow against Chief Santos I will definitely be forced to make changes due to the red card we received. My defending midfielder, Karel Peter Sibaya number (6), was seriously injured but I will assess his situation” coach Ngandu concluded.

Shihungu Shiremo, Kangweru Tops Board Chairperson, also added that he is confident that his team will win this tournament because they are now experienced, although youthful.

In other games played Bush Bucks from Zambezi Region beat Eastern Chiefs 6 – 5 on penalties after a boring game which ended in 0 – 0.

In another game Rundu based Cuca Tops thrashed KK United from Nkurenkuru 4 – 1 while Rundu Chiefs, well-known as (Epangero), failed to govern in their own territory as Chief Santos from Tsumeb took the show by winning with penalties after draw of 2 – 2.

At the moment the second half is in progress. Black Hawks of Zambezi Region is leading the game with 3 goals to 0 against the struggling Young Ranger FC

The next game is expected to be an exciting game between Ntunguru FC VS Chula Chula from Zambezi Region.

By Annakleta Haikera