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Windhoek, Nov 18- Sound corporate governance and innovation is of late a driving trait and attribute for successfully managing and sustaining businesses. And giving succinct insight on the subject matter, is the EXCO team of Namibia’s most admired brand, MTC.
The architects behind this are no other than Dr Licky Erastus (Chief Executive Officer), Mr Thinus Smit (Chief Financial Officer), Patience Kanalelo (Chief Legal, Regulatory, Risk & Compliance
Officer), Melvin Angula (Chief Commercial Officer), Monica Nehemia (Chief Technical and Information Officer) and Tim Ekandjo (Chief Human Capital & Corporate Affairs Officer).

The company continues to delight Namibians with their innovation and good corporate governance and remains a company highly sought after as the place to work for.
“At MTC we thrive on innovation, trying new things and making our customers lives better by constantly collaborating with the smartest partners in the world. We recognize the value of our Ambassadors because through them we achieve great things. Our strength lies in our healthy and
prosperous business environment and visionary leaders that have absolute passion for the brand” said Dr Licky Erastus.
“Technology is ever changing and it is our responsibility to keep up with these technologies. We might be living in a developing country but our mindset is world-class, providing the best
technologies that provides the bedrock of innovation to the benefit of our beloved customers” said Monica Nehemia.
“Innovation is fundamental for business survival in today’s era. People want smart solutions that provides efficiency to their ever changing tastes and preferences. This is why we are constantly
introducing innovative offerings, and are constantly encouraging the birth of new innovative ideas by partnering with institute of high learning such as NUST and UNDP. We are thus certainly
proud of the new offerings we just introduced which includes Taamba and the opening of the MTC Innovation Centre” said Melvin

“Compliance is non-negotiable. And as an institute participant in any industry, you should not only comply to regulation, but also influence the future of regulation by knowing what thecustomer will need in the next few years. As MTC we are proud that we have always respected
regulation and complied to the highest standards of ethical behaviour” said Patience
“We operate a financially sound business thanks to the loyal support of all Namibians over the last 25 years. Our customers are our real shareholders and we commit to managing their money
with respect and prudence” said Thinus.
“Our people are everything and that is why we call them Ambassadors, because they do not only represent the brand but make the brand. We understand that if they are happy and excited, they
will make our customers happy and excited. We will continue to invest in uplifting community
development projects for the benefit of all Namibians” said Tim.

The MTC Executive Management Team has a combined total executive management experience of over 67 years and highly qualified to lead MTC into the next decade of digitalization. The team
attributes MTC’s success to being united, creating a conducive environment for innovation even when it fails sometimes and creating results through its Ambassadors.

Robert Maseka