Happy Independence Day Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

“41 years ago, our great nation broke free from colonial rule. Today, our country faces many challenges. Climate change, economic battles and the fight against COVID-19 all threaten our way of life. However, I know that no matter the circumstances, the collective strength and fortitude of the Zimbabwean people can defeat any challenge that we may face.

Today we come together not only to honour our past, but also to celebrate our future. We must never forget the sacrifices made so that we may be free of imperial domination. The memory of our heroes guides our country.

One thing is clear – Zimbabwe’s future is bright. Every day I am inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our young people who, against enormous odds, strive to better their circumstances to support their families and communities. I have no doubt that through the genius and passion of our people, Zimbabwe shall rise once again!

Let us celebrate today all things that we love about Zimbabwe. And above all else, let us come together to celebrate the Zimbabwean people.

God bless you all, God bless Zimbabwe! ”
H.E Emerson Mnangagwa President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

NDN Reporter