Google fixes bug in search engine blocking new content from being indexed

SAN FRANCISCO, May 23 — Google said Wednesday night that it had fixed a bug in its search engine that blocked new content from being indexed in search results.

“The indexing issues from earlier today have been resolved. Thank you for your patience,” Google said in a post on its webmaster twitter account.

The bug was discovered earlier in the day when users found the new content of their web pages were not indexed in Google’s search results, especially when the “Past hour” search filter was used.

“We’re currently experiencing indexing issues that may cause stale search results in some cases. We’ll update this thread when we can provide more information,” Google confirmed in a tweet.

While announcing the bug fixed, Google did not provide further details about what caused the problem, which could make a large number of sites to have their pages drop out of Google’s index.

Google has experienced similar indexing problems recently. Last month, an indexing error caused many web content not to appear in its search results.
The company said at that time that “some documents might take an additional 12-24 hours to restore” before the bug was fixed. – XINHUA