EHN Road Safety Campaign 2017 on track

WINDHOEK, Oct. 10 – EHN Investments cc is a Namibian registered company and is approved for First Aid Training and Emergency arrangement. EHN understands the nature of a typical road environment and the challenges that Namibia faces in dealing with road carnage, hence the launch of EHN’s Road Safety Campaign 2017.

The aim of the campaign is to inspire discipline, control and save lives on the National roads through the provision of 30 seconds FIRST AID KITS awareness & issuing of a Pocket-Size First Aid Kit for each vehicle authorized on the Namibian roads.

First Aid is the immediate medical care given to a person who is injured or suddenly became ill, with the aim to preserve life, and prevent the condition from getting worse and while promoting recovery.

First aid equipment has the potential to save lives and reduce chance of permanent damage to victims involved in accidents.

Last year this initiative was sponsored by MVA Fund Namibia,Social Security Commission and Shivute Quantity Surveyors.

Each First Aid kit cost N$ 79.00.

Latest research shows Namibia has about 300 000 vehicles and the target is to distribute First Aid Kits, every Friday starting from 26 August 2017, and during every travel season (country wide).

Ronny Nendongo, Operational Manager said: “We humbly invite you and your respectable office/company to join this initiative and Sponsor additional kits for distribution towards the campaign. All Namibian companies are welcome to sponsor and your company details will be branded on all the kits you sponsor, thus also a way of marketing your company. Actions speaks louder than words (Referring to when we talk too much about the accidents happening on our roads).”

He added, “Our nation might be the first in SADC if not Africa to introduce this initiative to save lives, reduce permanent damage at their disposal and convenience. This is another job creation plan for the Namibian people.”

Contacts 081467 5931 / 0811245869 email NDN Staffer