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Colombia’s president warns of rise in COVID-19 cases due to national strike

BOGOTA, May 12 — Colombian President Ivan Duque on Monday warned that protests could lead to a rise in COVID-19 cases, shortly before sitting down to talks with members of the National Strike Committee in a bid to end days of chaos.
“We have seen an increase in movement in many parts of the country, with much interaction between citizens in recent days amid a third peak (in infections), and I must send the message that we must all take care of ourselves,” Duque said at the government headquarters.
“This call to take care is important because the pandemic is not over,” he said, with a worry over “the ability to respond at the ICUs” as the demonstrations could result in more infections.
The Ministry of Health on Monday reported a total of 3,015,301 COVID-19 infections in the past 14 months and 78,342 deaths from the disease.
Colombian demonstrators began to take to the street at the end of last month against proposed tax reforms and deteriorating living conditions of some workers. (Xinhua)