Car spinning gains popularity in Namibia, taking youth off streets and drugs

WINDHOEK, June 11  — Car spinning, a form of motor sport is gaining momentum among black Namibians who are increasingly using it as a past time.

The sport, which involves dangerous stunts done at high speed on a large pitch, is helping prevent young people from senselessly loitering in the streets and using drugs.

Joel Nambahu is one of the many Namibians who have taken up the sport and has not only introduced it to his sons but also to the disadvantaged black community at large through various shows held across Namibia.

“Spinning is one of Namibia’s fastest growing sports,” he said.
Nambahu, who was introduced to the sport in his youthful days when he moved to the city from the rural areas, trains young Namibians who are interested in the sport.

The father of nine fell in love with car spinning after watching his first show, and he has never looked back ever since.
“As a boy from the North where these things never happened, I was fascinated by how the cars were moving and how much people enjoyed watching the spinners. It was that wow factor that pulled me in. I have never spun, but I love the sport,” Nambahu says.

Over the years, Nambahu has invested in the sport that in 2016, he built a venue for spinning in Namibia’s capital known as the Windhoek Spin City.

“The main aims behind establishing the Windhoek Spin City was to discourage young people from loitering in the streets and using drugs. This would keep them occupied while some can even build a future for themselves,” he said.

“It is a good sport to take people out of the streets and away from crime. I believe the youth are the future of motor sport. We want to take the lead to start an academy where we build cars as well as train people who are interested. We take the sport to the people,” Nambahu says.

Spinning has developed into an extreme sport and part of a profitable industry with a growing network of promoters, spinners and supporters.

Nambahu has organised training and shows around the country to give opportunities to everyone interested. – XINHUA