Capricorn Group supports the Namibian Standards Institution to carry out Risk Management Training.

Windhoek, Aug 6-The NAMS/ISO 31000:2019 Risk Management Standard was officially gazetted as a Namibian Standard in January 2020. In response to this announcement that Namibia accepted ISO31000 as the Risk Management Standard, Capricorn Group supported the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) to carry out Risk Management Training for their employees. The one day training session, facilitated by Capricorn Group’s Business Risk Officer, Horst Simon, ran on 29 July 2020 and was attended by 11 delegates from various departments within the NSI.

The NAMS/ISO 31000:2019 Risk Management Standard provides principles and generic guidelines on how companies can integrate risk-based decision making into an organization’s governance, planning, management, reporting, policies, values and culture.

Capricorn Group was honored to be able to work with the NSI to share knowledge and practices of identifying potential risks in advance, analysing them and taking precautionary steps to reduce the risk. The Group has, over the years, created an environment where every employee understands his or her role and obligation in managing risk. Through this influential risk culture, the Group has earned the trust of its customers and shareholders.

“Capricorn Group believes that survival and success require organisations to constantly keep their eyes on the future and be willing to learn and adapt,” said Group’s Business Risk Officer, Horst Simon.

“We are thankful to Capricorn Group for this opportunity, I trust that we all benefited greatly from this training since all four NSI business units were represented,” said NSI Manager for Corporate Communications and Marketing, Mutonga Matali.

Change is an intricate part of the development and further directs Capricorn Group’s purpose – to be Connectors of Positive Change. The Group will continue to collaborate with external stakeholders to improve the management of risk where possible, to create sustainable opportunities for communities and build towards better societies where they operate.
The adopted standard is available for sale through the NSI’s website:

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