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Capricorn Group and subsidiary company, Entrepo Holdings support the vulnerable during COVID-19 Pandemic.

Windhoek, May 11 – The world continues to face an unprecedented time in fighting an unseen enemy. Many countries are struggling to take care of the needs of their people and meet the demands to combat a virus at the same time. Namibia is no different than the rest with several impoverished communities in desperate need of relief.

That is why Capricorn Group and its subsidiary company, Entrepo Holdings have contributed a combined N$240 000 towards the Step out of Poverty through Education, Encouragement and Support (S.P.E.S. Charity) Relief fund, strengthening capacity and supporting the most vulnerable in our community as they suffer from the negative impact of COVID-19. The impact of the Corona Virus has put even more pressure on pre-schools that S.P.E.S. charity supports, as resources that children and teachers in the community receive are now scarce.

Capricorn Group’s contribution of N$120 000 towards the S.P.E.S Relief fund, is specifically aimed towards supporting the teachers with a small grant for four months. This has an enormous impact on the lives of these teachers and their families as they do not receive any income during the period that the schools may not reopen. Entrepo’s contribution of N$120 000 was well utilised, to acquire and distribute food parcels to every child, teacher and their immediate family. This package also included activity books and stationary to keep the level of early childhood development and education going during this time.

S.P.E.S spokesperson, Esmé Coetzee had this to say about the Group, “Capricorn Group is known for being Connectors of Positive Change and has been a partner of S.P.E.S. for some time. We are grateful for their support.”

S.P.E.S. Charity, a Non-Profit (section 21) Organisation, was established on their pillars, including education and attending to the basic needs of the children, teachers, and their families. S.P.E.S. Charity has been involved in the community for over 14 years and supports 25 informal preschools and nearly 1700 children and 80 teachers. These children grow up in circumstances shadowed by multidimensional poverty, hopelessness, abuse and neglect.

Capricorn Group and its subsidiaries have recently contributed 5 million Namibian Dollars to aid the country in this fight. The Group and its subsidiaries are working together with all its charity organisations to ensure that Namibians do not go hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Capricorn Group has always believed that we are stronger as one in all circumstances. We will continue to do our best to help people who have nothing with necessities to enable them to survive and prevent the contraction of the virus,” said Thinus Prinsloo, Group CEO.

Capricorn Group is encouraging other companies and entities to contribute where they can so that we can stand together as a nation and uplift each other. The Group also encourages its employees to continue as Changemakers in their communities during this lockdown period and connect with others by doing small acts of kindness for others, thereby being Connectors of Positive Change.

NDN Stafer