Botswana receives medical experts from Israel against COVID-19

GABORONE, May 6 — Botswana received a team of three medical experts from Israel Thursday to support the southern African country’s efforts in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
When welcoming the three experts in the country’s capital city, Gaborone, Botswanan Minister of Health and Wellness Edwin Dikoloti expressed his profound gratitude to the Israel government for heeding a call for support from Botswana in strengthening COVID-19 case management systems.
“Most of our national resources have grossly diminished and our capacity to address the health care needs is seriously compromised,” said Dikoloti, adding that Botswana continued to record high numbers of deaths and severe symptoms, as a result of COVID-19 infections.
It has gradually become apparent that the country requires some innovative and effective response mechanisms to bring COVID-19 pandemic under control, one of which would be the deployment of international emergency medical teams, he said.
Botswana has registered 47,851 confirmed cases and 724 related deaths.
Botswana has adopted a multipronged approach of managing COVID-19 cases where asymptomatic and mild cases are isolated at home or at facility isolation centers throughout the country including clinics, hospitals, hotels and vocational institutions. (Xinhua)