Best wishes for all mothers in Namibia.

Rundu, May 9 –Ms. Elina Magano, a mother of 2 wishes all mothers and everyone that has shown motherly love a happy Mothers day.

Ms Elina was the first Rural women to be in parliament in the national council in 2013 and she stands for the upliftment of grassroots women in rural areas.

She encourage all mothers to show love to their wonderful children that God has given to them, and prepare them for a better future.

She also said ” Women should always be the first developer and always provide food and shelter for their kids. They should also provide life Security and have self-respect, because every women needs dignity of honor. Women should change how they see things”.

She also urged Women to stop going to bars instead look after their children and provide for them that’s what a mother should do for her family.

Ms. Elina furthermore encouraged Women to apply for different Projects thats are available with in the country to keep them themselves productive citizens.

Happy mothers day to all the Namibian Mothers.

Annakleta Haikera
Namibia Daily News