Aussie state police launch Australia’s 1st ever Drone Unit

SYDNEY, July 10  — Australia’s Victoria State police will soon establish the country’s first ever Drone Unit, to give authorities an eye in the sky during public events, rescue operations and emergency situations.

In announcing the move Wednesday, Inspector Craig Shepherd of the Victorian Police Force said, “the introduction of this unit is expected to enhance the work our police do every day.”

“From attending crime scenes, managing emergency situations, public order management, search and rescue and situational awareness, the drones we plan to use will have a 24/7 ability with high-end technology allowing for both day and night camera vision,” he added.

Overseen by the state’s Police Air Wing, the Drone Unit will train officers from specialist metropolitan units such as Operations Response and Search and Rescue, as well as some officers in regional communities.

“We will also be up-skilling police across the state to ensure they have their own localized drone service,” Shepherd said.

“It will assist when police attend emergency situations with the ability to fly a drone in to provide advice to someone in a tricky situation or supply first aid equipment or water,” Shepherd said.
Set to be fully established by August this year, Victoria Police plans to acquire up to 50 drones over the next 12 months. – XINHUA