17 schools to participate in SCAMX

WINDHOEK, Sept. 7 – The Museums Association of Namibia (MAN) will  host the 10th edition of its School Clubs and Museum Exhibition Competition (SCAMX) in Otjiwarongo, on 13th – 14th September 2017, at Out of Africa Town Hotel.

The SCAMX competition is internationally recognized as an innovative model for teaching heritage and history to the youth.

The competition involves school History and Culture Clubs in research and exhibition design, a very rare opportunity for young people in Namibia. The success of the competition is proven by the fact
that some of the best exhibitions from previous years are displayed in regional museums.

Moreover, it is vital to the sector in that it encourages participants to take-up careers in the fields of heritage, culture, art and museums. Intangible aspects of Namibia’s heritage will only be safeguarded if young people continue to learn and value them.

Therefore, SCAMX competition requires learners to research an aspect ofIntangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in their regions. The research processes enable dialogue and active
participation with knowledge bearers in the community. The competition will provide an opportunity for History Clubs different regions in Namibia, to come together and share their research findings in
the form of museum exhibitions.

The setup provides an educational forum and supports nation-building and pride in our cultural diversity.

This year, participants are required to focus on Performance Art, specifically traditional music and dance. Dance, music and song for entertainment, is a form of heritage that is shared by
every community in Namibia.

However, the origin of dance or music, as well as the educational value of these performances is mostly not known. Certain performances that were performed for ritual purposes, for instance, are today used only for entertainment.

Therefore, the competition encourages in-school youth to research the meaning behind dances, song lyrics, the materials and skills required to make and play traditional musical instruments.

The research process allows the youth to understand important aspects of the dance such as the traditional knowledge and skills, messages and instruments, objects, and cultural spaces associated
with the dance and they expected to understand and present the concepts and values contained in traditional forms of dance and music.

17 schools from different parts of the country will come together, and by meeting and viewing each other’s exhibitions, they will obtain greater understanding of Namibia’s cultural

Ms Hilma Kautondokwa, the Museum Development Manager at the Museums association of Namibia said: “The competition is intended to transform young people into change-makers with a holistic
appreciation of the educational value of traditional performing arts to inspire contemporary society. We believe that education in schools can be constructively linked to traditional forms of education
and that performing arts played an important educational role in the past. We believe that the competition will help build educational links between the youth and elders in the community.”

The participating schools for 2017 are: Tsau //Khaeb Secondary School, P.K. Devilliers Secondary School, Khorab Secondary School, Fridrich Awaseb Secondary School, UUkule Secondary School,
Ponhofi Seecondary School,Leevi Hakusembe Secondary School, Mureti High School, Romanus Secondary School, Canisaianum Roman Catholic High School, St Boniface College, Angelina Matumbo
Ribebe Secondary School, Mupewa combined School, Delta Secondary School, Windhoek Techinical High School, Ponhofi Secondary School and Mount View Secondary School.

The competition’s overall prize is a trip to Cape Town, South Africa, to represent Namibia at the Robben Island Museum Spring School and there will be prizes for the top five teams including trips
within Namibia to the Cheetah Conservation Fund, Namibian Heritage sites, technological equipment and educational material.
The competition is sponsored by Namibia National Commission for (NATCOM), The Namibian, Scientific Society of Namibia, Cheetah Conservation Fund, Robben Island Museum, Basler
Afrika Bibliographien, Joe Vision Production, Out of Africa Hotel and Ministry of Education Arts and Culture.
For further information about SCAMX, you may contact Ms Nehoa Hilma Kapuka on +264812736472
or +26461302230 or Ms Ndapewoshali Ndahafa Ashipala on +264812959946 or +26461302230 – Ignatius Mutasa