Telecom Namibia once again upgrades Speedlink broadband packages for free; sets 2 Mbps as minimum download speed

WINDHOEK, APRIL 6 – Telecom Namibia has upgraded the speeds of its Speedlink broadband products FREE of charge, effective from 01 APRIL 2019 as a promotion with the intention to make it permanent. The company is introducing a minimum download speed of 2 Megabits per second (Mbps) as entry-level package nationwide, doing away with the 1 Megabit per second (Mbps) package in a quest to improve broadband internet experience.

The Telecom Namibia upgrades for Speedlink broadband packages for both residential and business customers mean that 1 Mbps is upgraded to 2 Mbps; 2 Mbps upgraded to 4 Mbps; as well as 4 Mbps upgraded to 6 Mbps.

In addition, 6 Mbps has been upgraded to 8 Mbps, while the 8 Mbps was upgraded to 10 Mbps.

“Customers with a 10 Mbps Speedlink broadband package were not upgraded but received a price reduction since they are already at the threshold of the package ranges. The migration to higher speeds will take place in a phased approach as from 1 April 2019,” according to a statement from Telecom.

The upgrading means that the 1024 kbps entry-level package has been phased out.

“It also reaffirms the company’s commitment to Namibia by taking the initiative to connect the country to the world at high speeds, thus meeting the broadband minimum speed set in line with the national broadband plan.”

Telecom Namibia upgraded speeds of existing customers by increasing the bandwidth at no extra cost. However, “due to technological limitations, some customers such as those on WiMAX FDD technology will not immediately be upgraded, therefore customer speeds will remain on the contractual speed and price. The free upgrade will be in a phased approach and Telecom Namibia will systematically deploy high-capacity fixed wireless technologies to address current WiMAX FDD limitations.”

The upgrades enable customers to access rich media content such as video, music and seamless live streaming at faster speeds.

“Recognizing that internet connectivity is essential in the daily communication of all Namibians, Telecom Namibia makes every effort to continually improve its offering to enhance faster connectivity to every Namibian,” said Calvin Muniswaswa, Acting Chief Executive Officer at Telecom Namibia.

Over the last few years, the expansion of Telecom Namibia’s broadband footprint and upgrade of existing infrastructure have changed the dynamics of ICT services in the country, enabling ordinary people and businesses to remain connected to the world. – NDN Staffer