Sudan’s military council says negotiation with opposition proceeding slowly

KHARTOUM, May 26  — Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) on Sunday said the negotiation with the major opposition forces on power transition was proceeding slowly.

“The negotiation is proceeding at a slow pace. If the situation continued so, it many lead to several choices that consider the interests of the Sudanese citizens and the security of Sudan,” said TMC spokesman Shams-Eddin Kabashi.


He reiterated the TMC’s keenness on a smooth transition of power to civilians, saying that the military council represents the armed forces and other regular forces, and is a main guarantor of the country’s stability.

The talks between the TMC and the opposition Freedom and Change Alliance have been witnessing stalemate over representation in the sovereignty council and its chairmanship.

The TMC and the opposition have recently agreed on powers of the sovereignty council, the council of ministers and the legislative council.
The two sides have also agreed that the transitional period duration would be three years, with the first six months for achieving peace all over Sudan.

They further agreed that the legislative council will comprise of 300 members, 67 percent of them from the Freedom and Change Alliance and the rest from the other political forces.
The TMC is tasked with running the country’s affairs following the ouster of former President Omar al-Bashir. – XINHUA