Standard Bank backs Pupkewitz Motorfest

WINDHOEK, Oct. 6 – The automotive industry and perspective car buyers have not been spared by the repercussions of the recession, with car sales declining by N$300 million in the first quarter of 2017.

Fortunately, Standard Bank’s decline is still less than that of some of its competitors and as such, Standard Bank has dedicated itself to supporting the automotive industry as demonstrated by the various annual auto shows sponsored by the Bank.

“We know that we can only survive in this tough market with solid partnerships like those we have forged with each and everyone in the automotive industry. As such we were honoured to have been included in the recently concluded Pupkewitz Motorfest,” Standard Bank’s Vehicle and Asset Finance New Business Manager Magreth Mengo said of the Motorfest.

The Motorfest saw various Pupkewitz dealers showcasing their offerings at the Grove Mall rooftop on Saturday, 30 September, with spectacular deals for their clients.

“We delivered excellent service and support at the doorstep of our dealerships and also to offered a vehicle solution to our clients,” Mengo stressed.

Standard Bank offered special deals such as Prime less of 1.75% and a 2 month holiday plan to name a few. The Motorfest also had entertainment for the whole family, with a makeshift playground and clowns to entertain the little ones, music and food.

Ferdi Otto, a Senior Sales Executive at Pupkewitz GWM, said the aim of their annual Motorfest is give further exposure to the brand as well as bring it closer to the people with benefits that will benefit them in the long run.

“Pupkewitz has various departments with various offerings, through this Motorfest we can showcase those offering and the event becomes a one stop shop with Standard Bank’s presence as the clients can also get their approval on the spot,” he explained.

Otto added that the Motorfest has proved to be very fruitful year-or-year and they looked forward to working with the Bank to bring good deals to the people for many years to come.

Otjiwarongo Von Baums Volkswagen’s New Vehicle Sales Consultant, Ru-Wahlen Visagie, travelled all the way to the capital to also showcase the deals they are offering to a bigger clientele.

“We want to get rid of the notion that only our competitors have Volkswagen cars and this is because most people do not know that we are based in Otjiwarongo. This Motorfest allows us to bring our cars to the people with the best possible deals,” he said.

He said an influx of clients to the various dealers are a given after raising awareness with the successful Motorfest.

“I have only had good experiences with Standard Bank. They are the go-to for me for financing for our clients because they always take the clients’ needs into consideration. I look forward to working closer with them for years to come,” he concluded. – NDN Staffer