Society has played judge, jury and executioner – Meet Rehoboth’s enabler: Rush

Musa Zimunya

WINDHOEK, APRIL 8 – Rap is music. Music is a capsule that cures addicts across time. As a matter of fact, music has constantly fed the mechanics of a society: be it MC Hammer, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, or even Britney Spears, Michael Jackson – there is a constant premised upon reflecting what is happening in an artists life. The legendary William Shakespeare said “if music be the food of love, play on it!”

Local rapper Rush has been on the music scene for more than a decade, and truth be told, ever since the age of six, the man was thrashing talent shows for good measure.

“I’m 34 now so that is a very long time. I recorded my first song in 2003 for a New Start competition and won first place. In 2004, I picked up the Sanlam NBC music award for Best Writer. I released my first studio album in 2009 titled ‘Labels Wouldn’t Sign Me,’ produced by Araphat. I made it to the bBest Hip Hop Nama category but didn’t manage the win. I joined Bermuda Music in 2014 and didn’t really rap as much as I would have liked to,” he says.

Passion for music is a gift, one that has drained the sheer determination of individuals, and yet, Rush never gave up; never surrendered.

“I revived my old Label in 2018 and have not looked back since. I have consistently released music every month since April of last year. I have managed to sign an upcoming producer Centre-Piece, and an upcoming artist Niella to my label Silver Cricket Productions. Both of them have music out currently and it is doing very well. My inspiration for making music comes from listening to music the good and the bad.”

Many an artist claim to be ‘giving back to society’; that ‘my legacy walks hand in hand with my efforts to be a beacon in the industry, chief among them, the youth.”

Thereafter the question arises, “How does he influence the youth, or even the community?”

A true ambassador, he added: “At this point I’m trying to let my town get noticed for also producing talented artists, producers, writers, etc. For the time being, I’m trying to get all my listeners to just kick back and let loose after a long week. My music is a stress reliever. That’s how I would describe it.”

“All my works are on our FB page Silver Cricket Music Productions. What others consider taboo I don’t shy away from. My music is as real as the thought I put into it. No gimmicks or tricks. I break down to a T what I feel and what I am going to do or do. I take a proactive approach to provoke the senses. I shout what people think but are hesitant to say. The industry has space for my style and has a lane designed specifically for my vehicle.”

“When it’s good I would like to outperform it and when it’s bad, I would like to make people aware of what good music is.” – Rush

While musical taste is subjective, individuals must be able to determine what is average, good, bad, excellent, and terrifying.

“I’m sure people know the difference between good music and the latter. My plans for the future are not primarily musically based. I would like to have upcoming artists apply their skills more and play more of a guidance-role; perhaps even a music coach if people are willing to learn. I mean, there is a need to feed off talent. For now by me pushing my brand, I hope that it inspires others to pursue their musical gifts, especially the scores of unused talented people in my hometown Rehoboth. I do what I do for them to see that anything is possible regardless of your situation. Once my task there is complete I will gradually grow as we all must to include a broader audience in my scope. Hopefully I achieve that before I notice the change! – musa@namibiadailynews.info