Powerful nations dominance, leadership is prejudice to Africa and its reserves

Musa Zimunya

WINDHOEK, MAR 5 – Namibia’s Deputy Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Tommy Nambahu of has said that “powerful nations are still dominating and leading international agenda with their self-entrenched national interest unabated, which at a time are prejudicial to Africa and its resources.”

Nambahu, was speaking during the SADC Tripartite Meeting of Senior Officials and Social partners for the SADC Meeting of Ministers for Employment and Labour and Social Partners on Monday, and said it was important for SADC as a region and Africa as a continent to be aware and insist that no country or continent will champion their interests.

Nambahu said that from this particular angle, Africa had been active in advocating the ratifocation of ILO 1986 Instrument of Amendment to allow a fair and democratic representation on the ILO Governing Body.

“As it stands today, the majority of the so-called “Countries of Chief Industrial Importance” are reluctant or unwilling to ratify this instrument. Perhaps it is time now that Africa starts to look at other viable options in this regard,” he said.

He further implored that SADC region and African governments, employers and employees aggressively innovate appropriate technology that is relevant in addressing the present and future developmental needs.

He added: “To this end, SADC and Africa developmental partners in a bilateral and multilateral configuration should not be dictated to by anyone. If any mmeber states wants to look east for mutual development and cooporation (they) must do so without inteference.”

Nambahu reiterated that Africa’s development lies in public infrastructure development, manufacturing and innovation which including her own production, have great potential for employment creation and economic expansion.
The SADC meeting of Officials and Social Partners will run in the capital Windhoek from 4 – 8 March. –¬†