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Power struggles erupt in Vagciriku Traditional Authority as they elect successor.

NDIYONA,June 28,The two royal families of Mantjodi leanage led by Mashika Felix Muraghuli and of Rukundenkuru led by new inspirant Kosmas Shimanu are at it each others throats.

Counter accusations are that they are doing less to support each other in order to snatch the opportunity of Chief from rightful successor of Nkuruhompa Kasian Shiyambi prince Barthlomeus Aruvitha Kayoka.

Unusual drama was witnessed last week when Muraghuli who’s at advantage of holding the stamp of traditional authority tried to demote and replaced Senior headman Festus Shikerete with himself (Muraghuli) two weeks ago.

Muraghuli was angered by the information that Senior Headman Festus Shikerete was seen accompanying Shimanu at burial of well-known activist in Kavango East Johnson Mbangu known as Castrolly or Muhera.

With assistance of Chairperson of Chief Council Krisantus Likoro Maraghuli also tried to shuffle Adolf Muremi Chairperson of Kavango East Communal Land Board and replace him with school principal Bernadino Lukas.

Both Shikerete and Muremi refused to vacate their position arguing that Muraghuli and his forces got no power to remove and it’s was not taken by the right body of the authority

Royal family spokesperson couldn’t be reached for comments while sources are still adamant that Prince Aruvitha Kayoka will be announced soon as a successor of late NkuruHompa Kassian Shiyambi who died on Sunday 18 November 2019 at the age of 82.

At the moment the Vagciriku Royal family are mourning the death of senior member in the family Simon Ngandu who was buried yesterday at Mamono.

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