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Oshana region initiates gardening project for unemployed youths.

15 October 2020 Oshana Region- The problem of youth unemployment in Oshana region will soon be mitigated as the Oshana Regional Council governor’s office plans to set up a hydroponic gardening project targeting the unemployed youth.

According to Moses Matatias Chief Administrator in the office of the governor the office has been inundated with hordes of unemployed youths seeking for help and this has prompted the governor‘s office to set aside a budget to implement the garden initiative.

The gardening project which is slated to commence early next year will be situated on a piece of land in Ondangwa which the regional council acquired free of charge from the Ondangwa Town Council according to Matatias, adding that so far the governor’s office has set aside an amount of N$300 000 for the first phase.

“Although not much has been done as yet we are hoping that by early next year we would begin the first phase. We have approached stakeholders such as the World Food Program (WFP) , Agri-bank and others who have all shown interest  in assisting towards the implementation of the project,” Noted Matatias.

Why Hydroponic, Matattias says it is a more sustainable method of farming, efficient and cost effective compared to the normal way of gardening.

“When we think of farming or planting, the basic ideas that come to mind are digging up soil, dumping in seeds, sprinkling it with water and letting the power of nature take its course but with hydroponic there Is no soil required the water used goes directly to the plants and with hydroponic much more can be produced it is indeed a sustainable way of farming,” Matatias.

Matatias highlighted that proceeds from the produces would be sold to communities in the region and money would in turn be used to uplift young people and improve their livelihood.

By Kakunawe Shinana