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Ohorongo Cement Donates Medical Equipment to Opuwo District Hospital.

Windhoek, March 16 – The Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT), handed over a container of medical equipment to the Opuwo District Hospital on Friday, 13th March 2020. This donation
was made possible by the valuable donation from Support Ulm e.V. in Germany.
The donation, with the estimated value of N$ 890 000.00, follows the donation of
another two containers with medical equipment to the value of N$2.3 mill in 2019.
In light of the recent reports and social media hype about the shortage of beds in
hospitals, this donation is greatly welcomed, as the consignment consists of 33 hospital beds with mattresses, as well as other valuable medical equipment required by the hospital, which also includes an operating table.
The donation is the result of a Technical Co-operation Agreement between Support Ulm e.V, OOCT and the Ministry of Health and Social Services, to deliver medical
equipment as prioritized by the ministry. This agreement was recently extended for
another 5 years, to ensure excellent medical care in health facilities within Namibia.
Support e.V is a non-profit organization based in the German town, Ulm. It was
established by a group of medical doctors who made it their aim to support medical
projects throughout the world. The organization support various projects by means of financial & humanitarian means, as well as through donations.
The Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Hon. Julieta Kavetuna, who
received the equipment on behalf of the Ministry and Opuwo District Hospital, gave
special thanks to Ohorongo Cement for their continued assistance.
“The Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust and Support e.V. are always ready to assist”, she said.
She pointed out that service at district hospitals are challenged by the lack of
equipment, and she is therefore privileged to have had the opportunity to nominate
where this consignment of equipment should be distributed to, based on the needs of the hospital.
“As we all know, Namibia faces many challenges in delivering quality health services to the communities with main constraints amongst a few, being inadequate medical equipment and supplies. Only when Public and Private sectors come together in a true
partnership to serve the communities it operates in, can one affect positive change”, said Rudolf Coetze, representative of OOCT and Support e.V.. He expressed that this donation is proof that Public Private Partnerships are alive in Namibia.
Support Ulm e. V are continuously directing their efforts to raise funds and securing assistance towards the Namibian health sector.

NDN Staffer