NATO remains committed to assisting Ukraine’s reforms: Stoltenberg

KIEV, March 15  — The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) remains committed to assisting Ukraine’s security and defense sector reforms, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said in his Annual Report for 2018 unveiled on Thursday.
According to the document, NATO has stepped up political and practical support to Ukraine since 2014 and reconfirmed this commitment at the Brussels Summit in July 2018, where NATO leaders met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.
In 2018, the alliance has provided advisory assistance to Ukraine focused on the development and implementation of the framework law on national security, as well as aid for the rehabilitation of wounded soldiers and support for medical institutions.
Besides, NATO provided assistance to Ukrainian military personnel to manage their psychological injuries caused during the conflict in Donbas in eastern Ukraine which started in April 2014.
Kiev revoked in 2014 Ukraine’s non-aligned status when pro-West authorities came into power in the country, paving the way for its membership in military blocs.
Last month, Kiev adopted constitutional amendments stating Ukraine’s commitment to joining NATO and set a target to get the NATO Membership Action Plan no later than 2023.
The membership action plan is a NATO program offering advice, assistance and practical support tailored to the individual needs of countries wishing to join the alliance. – XINHUA