Namibia to relocate buffaloes from National Park as drought continues

WINDHOEK, April 24 — Namibia plans to relocate over 500 buffaloes from Waterberg National Park as drought persists and grass becomes scarce, a government official said Wednesday.
Ministry of Environment and Tourism Director of Parks and Wildlife Management Colgar Sikopo said conditions at some of the best known parks were so bad if the country does not act, many animals would die.
“We are working on mechanisms to reduce the buffalo population in the park. If we do not sell or relocate the buffaloes, they will die,” Sikopo said.
“We will put the buffaloes up for auction, relocate or kill and donate the meat to schools or towards the food bank.”
Currently the park has about 900 buffaloes but can only carry up to 400.
This will be done under the drought strategy in national parks that the ministry is currently finalizing.
Sikopo said under the drought strategy, the ministry will also look into culling of animals.
Namibia has 20 national parks.