Namibia Plastics gets international accolades

WINDHOEK, JUNE 12 – Buoyed after receiving Global BRC Endorsement and Escalating International Clientele accolades, Namibia Plastics (NP) just became the first plastic manufacturer in the country, recognized as a leading industrialist on the global front.

F.L.T.R – Jan-Hendrik Duvenhage (Namibia Plastics Senior Manager: Operations); Jose’-Luis Pretorius (Namibia Plastics Quality Assurance Manager), and Lu-Andre Duvenhage (Namibia Plastics Cost Accountant).

NP was last week accredited with a global British Retail Consortium (BRC) certificate, specifically for its Packaging Standard – in the High Hygiene Risk audit category.

With its manufacturing plant barely one year old, NP is already building a strong brand, especially across borders – all thanks to its recently acquired Reifenhauser EVOLUTION 3-Layer Blown Film Line machine that specializes in stretch hoods – a rare service in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

Jose’-Luis Pretorius (Namibia Plastics Quality Assurance Manager) in
awe at the fruits of his hard work – a BRC accreditation.

NP Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Johan Struwig said “Due to this demand, coupled with our technological capabilities, Namibia Plastics is fast becoming the no. 1 supplier of stretch hoods in Africa. Reifenhauser is well known as a leading provider in the world and relies on the know-how gained over more than 100 years of the company’s history.”

The BRC first introduced its Global Standard for Food Safety – a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)

benchmark standard – in 1998. Today, the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety has almost 16,000 (sixteen thousand) certified sites in over 100 countries worldwide.

With its manufacturing plant barely one year old, Namibia Plastics is already building a strong brand, especially across borders – all thanks to its recently acquired Reifenhauser EVOLUTION 3-Layer Blown Film Line machine that specializes in stretch hoods – a rare service in the
Southern African Development Community (SADC).

BRC certification is an international recognition for food quality, safety and responsibility. It is a globally recognized UK trade organization.

NP Quality Assurance (QA) Manager, José-Luis Pretorius added “As anyone in the food safety community can attest, BRC accreditation is a vigorous demanding exercise and for a company that is still an ‘infant’ in the packaging manufacturing industry, this has been a major achievement for the NP group. BRC Certification means your facility is operating on global standards and we are competing with the major players in the packaging industry worldwide. This certification serves as guarantee to our clients that we are delivering packaging that was manufactured based on global Product Safety, Legality and Quality Management System principles, ensuring international compliance for food safety that meets expected quality levels.”

Most recently added to the NP clientele is that of The Anderson Lid Company (ALC) in Cape Town – an international key player (BRC, ISO 9001 and the FDA accredited) in helping customers move their goods safely and effectively.

ALC Polymer Manager: Ingrid Kerssen noted that “As part of our mission we highlight the critical necessity for international quality standards. Our Supplier Development Programme requires that we will only work with suppliers who are BRC approved.

This gives us the framework to jointly monitor and develop improvements based on worldwide standards of safety, hygiene and system standards. ALC saw good alignment with the Vision, Mission and Values of NP. It is pleasing to highlight that NP achieved a BRC A – Grade certification, and this is evidenced also by the quality of the manufacturing facility. The team is enthusiastic, motivated, customer focused and shows commitment to meet the challenge of the ALC high standards. We are pleased to be able to partner with NP as part of our Supply Chain Development programme.”

Other global NP clientele include MAPEI South Africa – an international player in the building industry, with presence in more than 35 countries. Senior Production Manager: Powder and Liquid Plant at MAPEI South Africa, Itanje Seymore heaped further praise.

Floors Coetzee (Sabre Equipment); Johan Struwig (Namibia Plastics CEO), and Senior Sales Manager for Reifenhauser Africa, Sascha Skora at the recently acquired Reifenhauser EVOLUTION 3-Layer Blown Film Line machine by Namibia Plastics.

“We certainly foresee building a relationship with Namibia Plastics – the good quality at reasonable prices, together with great customer service and technical support will simply add significant value to MAPEI South Africa.”

NPs’ first export this year was to Oranje Soutwerke – member of the Blaauw’s Group in South Africa. Oranje Soutwerke is an ISO22000 certified salt processing plant with operations in Namibia (Walvis Bay) & South Africa (Upington) – a producer of the highest quality Atlantic sea salt (for the past 20 years). NP supplies Form Fill & Seal (FFS) to Oranje Soutwerke – packaging for salt to the market.

Namibia Plastics CEO, Johan Struwig proudly introducing the recently acquired Reifenhauser EVOLUTION 3-Layer Blown Film Line machine that specializes in stretch hoods – a first in Namibia.

Amos Boonzaaier – General Manager: Blaauws Group Namibia: “Due to the wide product range provided by Namibia Plastics – with the supply of a high quality print FFS sheeting, we are excited to build a great relationship with NP. And the fact that it is manufactured in Namibia, makes ordering and logistics more hassle free. Other services from NP will include Blue tint bag liners; Clear baler bags; Slip sheets as well as Top sheets.”

Senior Sales Manager for Reifenhauser Africa, Sascha Skora (based in Germany) recently paid a visit to the NP manufacturing plant.

Senior Sales Manager for Reifenhauser Africa, Sascha Skora (far left) uses an opportunity to further enhance the knowledge of Namibia Plastics manufacturing plant operations staff on the EVOLUTION 3-Layer Blown Film Line machine during a recent visit to the plant.


“Namibia Plastics is the first company in Namibia operating an EVOLUTION blown film line, which will enable it to offer consistent high quality flexible packaging films to the industry. This means that their customers will have converting benefits such as higher converting speeds and simply a nicer packaging to the end user.”

NP’s current local large volume manufacturing clientele include Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) – a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group, Namib Poultry Industries, Tongaat Hulett, Gendev Fishing, Etosha Fishing, Seawork Fish Processors, and Tunacor Fisheries, amongst others. – NDN Staffer