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Windhoek, Sept 3- MTC’s Chief Human Capital & Corporate Affairs Officer, Tim Ekandjo rubbished the idea that MTC stole and implemented a customer’s idea.
“I wish to put it on record that the MTC Aweh product is a very unique and innovative offering of MTC in
Africa, and a product that has proudly been designed by our internal Products and Solutions Team. The
subscription based offering on prepaid was introduced to Southern Africa as a first by MTC. We acknowledge that the customer in question made contact with an MTC employee in 2017 in an attempt to pitch his idea to us but he was not entertained, because MTC has already since May 2015 started designing the concept of multiple Awehs and there was therefore no need to entertain an idea that we were already in the process of perfecting. It should be noted that although we developed the idea in 2015, MTC as a business had a roadmap on when to launch the product, looking at the opportune time based on customer and market behaviour. We launched the multiple Aweh product in May 2020 allowing customers to purchase multiple Awehs at any given time as long as they do not have more than 3 Aweh subscriptions.This product is also substantially different from the idea the customer pitched on our product. The bottom line is we have not entered into any agreement with the customer and that the Aweh product and its subsequent evolution was originally designed by MTC and we will therefore not entertain any such claims and reserve our rights in this matter” said MTC’s Chief Human Capital & Corporate Affairs, Tim Ekandjo.

Ekandjo also explained that MTC recently inaugurated its Innovation Centre which encourages innovation between Innovators and MTC. Once a solution is proposed through this platform, the necessary
paperwork would be in place to ensure the originality of the idea is protected and acknowledged but that customer cannot randomly claim MTC ideas.

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