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MTC Knockout Project Reveals More Artists & Personalities

Windhoek, July 14 – Following the exciting launch of the 2nd edition of the MTC Knockout Project last week, MTC has kept the nation waiting to reveal the next batch of the artist and personalities that will participate in the fundraising project to raise funds for the homeless.

At the launch, MTC only revealed 5 artists and 5 personalities of the 30 that were selected to participate. Herewith the next artist and personalities:
Lioness & Robyn Nakaambo
Sunny Boy & Luis Munana
One Blood & Magreth Mengo & Kazembire
Vikta Juice Boy & Isack Hamata
T Bozz & Staika & Collin Benjamin & Harold Akwenye
Kalux & Ricardo Mannetti
Top Cheri & Mavis Braga and;
Sally Boss Madam & Che Ulenga

Very few musicians command as much attention and presence as Lioness does. The rapper has truly come into her own after years of honing her craft on the underground scene but when she arrived we were all excited about this new breath of fresh air. A female rapper. Beautiful, fierce and ambitious. One could NOT notice. She is gorgeous, stylish and talented, and a medical doctor, she is Latoya Mwoombola aka Lioness.

Pairing with Robyn Naakambo.
PR expert, award winning media personality, content curator, Robyn or Ruby ‘The Dime’ to ardent followers is at the high end of Namibian personalities, a social influencer of note, Robyn epitomizes un-yielded ambition and a go-getter attitude.

Sunny Boy & Luis Munana;
The King of Hikwa, Sunny Boy’s lyrical rhymes are reminiscent of the golden years of busting rhymes and beats to create magic songs. He is known for his socially conscious lyrics, storytelling abilities and a complex flow. The ‘Balance’ hit maker has of recent come out strong on social ills such as GBV last year and Homelessness this year, a play press into his playlist will show you just how the man can drop meaningful bars.

Pairing with Luis Munana
Luis Munana is a Namibian financial analyst, TV producer and creator of Television animated educational series Waka Waka Moo, MC, International model and a media personality. Born and raised in Rundu-Okavango region. Most Followed Male Personality in Namibia on Social Media, with over 120 000 Instagram followers, 27 000 on Facebook and 24 000 on twitter, makes him a trendsetter in the Namibian celebrity circles

One Blood & Maggy & Kazembire;
Award Winning group, One Blood have come a long way since their ‘Warakata’ days. The sibling duo, comprising of Daphney and Victor have since become a powerful force in Namibian music, churning out hit after hit song in their signature sound which is a mix of Afro-pop and township disco describing their sound as “bloodiano” or “One Blood Music”. The duo says their sound is special and was born of the need to have everyone relate to their sound, without boxing it into other existing categories.

Pairing with Maggy Mengo and Kazembire Zemburuka
Broadcaster par excellence and famed story teller, Kazembire serves as the Communications Director at the Central bank of Namibia, but in his spare time the consummate media kingpin, says his feet can rhythm as fast as his quick fire question on a television set anytime, any day.
Maggy Mengo, is Namibia’s foremost and first ever professional hockey player, having served the game exceptionally in Europe. Still formidable with hockey sticks, she also doubles as a full time executive with banking giant Standard Bank as Head Marketing, Communication and Corporate Affairs.

Vikta Juice Boy & Isack;
This raising star has come of the shadows of a featuring artists to creating a name for himself in the industry with a debut album last year. The ‘Energy’ hit maker, Victor Moses who has come to be known as Vikta Juiceboy is surely a new note in the industry and introduces a new style. Not only can he sing, the boy brings versatility on and off the stage. He is a dancer, producer and writer.

Pairing with Isack
Isack is a veteran journalist-cum PR expert while his love for football and music has become a daily dose to the former NAMPA Chief Executive Officer. He holds qualifications in media, public management, business, marketing and public relations. Outside the work environment, Isack is a sports fanatic who cannot refrain from sports affairs regardless.

TBozz & Staika & Harold & Collin
The NAMA 2019 Best Damara Punch duo have fast become household names to the Damara punch and Ma /Gaisa genres. While celebrating 10 years in the industry, the inseparable ‘Nauxube’ architects have come to prove now and again that the genres remains exciting to date.

Pair with Harold and Collin
While Collin arguably falls in Namibia’s football hall of fame and success stories, and a keen scout for young football prodigies with the MTC Hopsol Youth League. Harold is equally no stranger to the corporate world, being the current mouthpiece of the biggest municipality. It will be exciting to see the duo hang their boots and office armor to bring out their unknown creativity on the stage.

Kalux & Ricardo
Kalux the ‘Superstar’ as he has come to be known is not newcomer, already banging his name on the NAMA winners and winning the hearts of Namibians with his dancing and lingua versatility. The Otjiwarongo-based star has a unique craft and if he can make the first citizen dance to ‘Roro’, he is surely a masterpiece.

Paired with Ricardo
The man from whom we derive inspiration today is a proud example that “you don’t have to be an academic to be somebody in life”. He has gone from being the youngest Namibian to be capped at senior national level as a bright eyed 16-year-old, to becoming the country’s most successful international coach. While he has helped restore hard to please Namibians’ love for our football, we cannot wait to see different ability of the touchline.

Top Cheri & Mavis
Talk about energy and entering the industry with a bang and surely TopCheri is the name. The NAMA Best Newcomer is a full package with the talent, beauty and stage presence to have fans eating from her palm. The ‘Danisa’ hit maker and Walvis Bay bubbly superstar is working harder and smarter rubbing shoulders with underground and top artists in Namibia.

Paired with Mavis
A philanthropist at heart, part-time radio presenter, master of ceremonies and having hosted the Namibia Annual Music Awards function during 2015 as well as other prestigious events, Mavis has a big shoe to fill with TopCheri’s hits but the Civil Engineer is just the right match, perhaps.

Sally Boss Madam & Che
Write her off at your own peril. The Boss Madam of Afro-fusion singer who knowns nothing short of banger performances is a guru in her own right. After gaining her fame with hit song Boss Madam, she remains true to her name and her talents speaks for Sally. She has the name, talent, stage vibe and challenges Che to leave the radio commentary sit to shake a body part of her know.

Paired with Che
The goddess of the airwaves natural stage diva is not new to the mic. Holding it down at 99FM and the being abreast to the entertainment industry is enough to pair Che with the Boss Madam. To her own name, the media powerhouse has earned all her stripes in the radio and entertainment industry.

MTC will reveal another set of artist and personalities on the 21st July and 28th July respectively. Tickets are expected to go on sale by the end of July and the event is scheduled for the 3rd October 2020 at the National Theatre of Namibia.
The MTC Knockout Project Against Homelessness will raise funds for the homeless and encourage constructive debate on the issue through raising awareness.

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