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MTC Call Centre staff tests positive for covid-19, Call Centre closed for 14 days.

Windhoek, MTC has announced that all their call centre will be closed for 14 days after one of their call centre staff tested positive for COVID-19.

“Please be advised that our 24-hour Call Centre will be closed with immediate effect. This is because one of our Service Consultant Ambassadors tested positive for COVID-19. The staff member is currently hospitalized for underlying conditions but in a safe condition. It is our intention to re-open the Call Centre hopefully after 14 days on or before the 7th August after precautionary measures have been taken. In the meantime, all Call Centre services will be suspended. The following numbers will not be reachable:
• 12000 Customer Care
• 13000 PrePaid Tango
• 135000 Corporate Accounts
• 90111 Technical Support
• 112 Emergency
• 10100 Sales
For those dialing our emergency number (112) kindly contact the emergency centres directly we sincerely
apologize for any inconvenience.
We also wish to advise that our Head Office, including our shop in Olympia will be closed with immediate effect.
This is because of an unconfirmed case and the MTC Ambassador is currently in self-isolation awaiting test results.
This is also a precautionary measure until the results are known and we therefore hope to re-open Head Office
and Olympia shop by next week Friday, 31st July or earlier should the test results come back negative.
Kindly use our service menu *682# for your self-help options, should you need further assistance please contact
us at”

NDN Reporter