Kambekura Sports Association facing challenges

Nadia Isak

OVITOTO, MARCH 26 –┬áKambekura Sports Association was found in 1998, by a group of people from Ovitoto area, who came together as they shared passion about sports. Their ideawas to bring the youth together; to give them the platform to showcase their talents; and to also expose the youth to advanced football and netball to keep them away from engaging in unnecessary activities, namely drugs and alcohol abuse.

During an interview, the President of the Association, Mr Raymo Kapuuo said the association faced challenges, namely commitment from the players, which is not 100%.

He said the association works hard but their hard-work is not appreciated by the players. In addition, the association faces financial challenges as it is entirely dependent on the team players registration which is a N$10.00 per player card. However, there are some teams that do not settle their registration fees in full.

Moreover, tournament’s are expensive to run, according to Kapuuo, so there is not always money available to pay match officials, to buy balls, trophy’s as well as prize-money of the teams.

Despite the association holding congress after every third year to elect new office barriers, members only last the first year and end up neglecting the association, since they are employed on voluntary basis.

He stated that the association hosts 4 (four) annual tournament’s throughout the year, with the first one set to take place on the 6-7 April 2019 in Okahandja at Nau-aib Stadium.