Japan’s Subaru Corp. recalls 395,000 vehicles due to final checks by unqualified staff









TOKYO, Nov. 20 — Subaru Corp. on Thursday filed a recall of around 395,000 vehicles with Japan’s transport ministry after the carmaker
was found to routinely allow unqualified staff to conduct final vehicle checks.

The uncertified checks at two of the automaker’s facilities in Gunma Prefecture, north of Tokyo, date back as far as 30 years, an internal prove
revealed. All nine of Subaru’s models are listed in the recall, including a sports car Subaru manufactured for Toyota Motor Corp. The size of the
recall has ballooned from an initial estimate of 255,000 units to around 395,000 vehicles as the automaker has struggled to determine exactly which vehicles were checked by uncertified staff. Subaru President Yasuyuki Yoshinaga admitted recently that the malpractice was conducted in a
systematic manner. – XINHUA