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Institutions in Rundu on cleaning campaign

RUNDU, 17 DEC– The Kavango East Regional Council (KERC) in cooperation with the Rundu Town Council, the Kavango East Regional Youth Forum and the Namibia Defence Force held a cleaning campaign here on Saturday.
It was held with the objective of getting important stakeholders together to take charge of the spaces in which they live and operate, KERC Chief Regional Officer Ludwig Thikusho told Nampa on Sunday.
“We have decided not to leave this responsibility of the cleaning of Rundu solely to the town council; all residents must now take that responsibility of cleaning our town,” Thikusho said.
Close to 200 people took part in the campaign and were grouped to clean different residential areas such as Kehemu, Sarasungu, Sauyemwa, Tuhungireni, Ndama and the central business district.
The CRO said the institutions saw that the issue of Rundu’s cleanliness needs to be addressed with severe urgency as filth-infested areas cause businesses to lose out on potential clients.
He said the rising amount of generated waste and litter causes not only cluttered streets, especially along Maria Mwengere road, and bad odours but has a negative health impact as well.
“Tourists and potential investors will not see the beauty of our town anymore when there is an ever-growing level of waste on the streets, especially in the centre of our town,” Thikusho stressed.
The cleaning campaign was also aimed at calling on the people of Rundu to take care of the town and to build a sustainable environment for the current and future generations.
Thikusho said the campaign will help instil pride in residents so that a culture of responsibility, inclusion and belonging is established.
“I want to tell our residents to go out there, open the door of your homes, shops or workplaces and look at the deteriorating effect litter has on our town,” emphasised the CRO.
Five trucks were used to remove the collected waste.