Information Ministry cautions against fake news

WINDHOEK, JAN 22 – The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology today issued a statement denying the passing of a new regulation that monitors privacy.

In a statement signed by Acting Permanent Secretary Tjiuai Kaambo, the ministry “noted with concern the circulation of a WhatsApp message containing misleading information since 2018 and is still currently circulating on social media platforms.”

The message in question alleges that the Namibian Government has passed a regulation that will legalise its’ monitoring of people’s cell phones and other communication platforms.

In the statement, Kaambo said that the ministry had not passed any such regulation and allayed fears that the government was in possession of a system that had links to the public’s cell phones.

“Nor does the MICT monitor phone calls and social media activities of citizens. It should be noted that the WhatsApp message currently circulating that indicates all calls are being recorded, and that social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms are being monitored is in fact ‘FAKE NEWS.'”

Kaambo further urged the public to be cautious of similar messages, adding that they were being created and circulated by people whose agenda is to create fear and destabilise peace among the public.

In conclusion, Kaambo called on citizens to refrain from cyber-bullying and acts of malice intended to discredit others.

“The Government of the Republic of Namibia would therefore like to once again urge the public to stop circulating such fake news as it is misleading the nation. The public is further cuationed to avoid using social media platforms as a battle ground for political character assassination, discrimination, racism, sexism, tribalism and any other evil deeds to destabilise the peace and stability of the Namibian House,” Kaambo concluded.