Headway Consulting delivers ICT Consultancy services and builds capacity locally

WINDHOEK, Nov. 13 – In an increasingly connected and technology world, driving every part of our lives, the management of ICT services and processes becomes even more important. Despite not being as highly advanced and battling the digital divide, Namibia is very much on its way to also becoming a technology driven country.

This brings with it challenges, opportunities but also threats. If ICT Services, business automation and technological advancements aren’t managed properly it can lead to the breakdown of the ICT hardware and processes, incurring downtime for the organisation and to a severe loss of turnover. Not to mention that if certain rules and regulations are not in place, adhered and kept up to date; organisation may even be breaking national, regional and even international laws.

When your company or organisation grows and it starts scaling up, its ICT-Services also need to grow, but in a manageable and economically viable way. Headway Consulting, based in Windhoek, and a truly Namibian company
assists with this. The company provides Information Technology (IT) consultancy services to the corporate world, offering advisory services in IT Governance in accordance with international best practise frameworks such as COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). Compliancy has become essential for companies if they want to successfully operate and or even be
considered for certain tenders and contracts.

Most people running a car dealership, a large fishing enterprise or a series of restaurants have never heard of these ‘Best Practises’, but it is essential that they are adhered to. So, whilst both profit and non-organisations focus on their core business and offerings, Headway Consulting takes care of the whole back-office processes of the organisation.

“Headway is completely product agnostic and can therefore choose the best tailor-made solution without having to worry about using their own specific partners when providing solutions. “This ensures that our advisory and consultancy services are objective and purely driven by what is best for our customers, taking into consideration functionality, practicality and cost,” Jan Coetzee, Managing Director, said. The company has positioned itself in a gap in the market assisting organisations with improved IT governance and service management issues and challenges.

Headway has seen several companies engage its services and see genuine Return On Investments (ROI) in monetary as well as enhanced business operations and processes terms. However, often Namibian organisations feel they still need to engage with consultant from abroad to get the services that they require, even though Headway offers these same high level services. Its service offering are unique enough that Headway has completed projects not just in Namibia, but all over the African continent, including as far afield as Kenya. With its proven track record and highly skilled,
locally trained professionals, Headway is truly the embodiment of the knowledge-based society that Namibia is striving to become.

Headway is keenly aware of the need that if it wants to offer its clients the best professionals and expert advise it needs to develop these skills and the people itself. Headway therefore entered into an has an agreement with the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) providing Work Integrated Learning opportunities to students, specifically those studying towards a degree in Business Computing.

Headway has since provided permanent placement for three students after successfully completing their internships. With an ever evolving technology landscape Headway saw the need for graduates to be able to hit the ground running when it came to their job performance. This could only be achieved by providing graduates with the opportunity to further develop their skills through exposure and integrated learning opportunities.

“We believe that if all players in our market can contribute to this cause, we will be able to build a skilled resource pool for the benefit of the entire industry. IT should serve as an enabler to all businesses and organisation in Namibia” Coetzee said. ICT Services and their implementation in business processes should assist and contribute in
balancing the creation of value, whilst optimising resources and risk. – NDN Staffer