Green launches Adult Education Information Management System (AEIMS)

WINDHOEK, Nov. 13 – Green Enterprise Solutions (Green) together with the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture (MoEAC) and other important stakeholders launched the Adult Education Information Management System (AEIMS).

The Directorate of Adult Education (DAE) is dedicated to the provision of literacy and numeracy skills to disadvantaged adults and out-of-school youth to enable them to contribute more effectively to national development in Namibia. Meeting educational challenges head-on.

Green is a Namibian company that provides Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions and it developed the AEIMS for the Directorate of Adult Education. The Directorate’s mission is based on three programmes, namely the National Literacy Programme in Namibia (NPLN), the Adult Upper Primary Education (AUPE), the Adult Skills Development for Self-Employment (ASDSE), and Community Learning and Development Centers (CLDC). An essential mission for Namibia, as education is the foundation of the growth of the nation and to achieve the goal of being a knowledge based society by 2030, as stated in Vision 2030.

This system was envisioned by the DAE to enable centralised and secure organisation; and retrieval of information. As well as reduce the time and effort the multiple offices needed to generate the statistics on the data collected from all the regions, districts and towns. Key to making this more efficient and effective was to automate their manual processes, storage, retrieval and the prevention of inaccurate and inconsistent information. This would make information such as Learner’s enrolment; Learner’s attendance; Learner’s performance; Teaching/Learning Materials management; and Employee management easily available.

The AEIMS Software Application is built on Microsoft technology while Green Enterprise Solutions created the bespoke solution for the DAE.

Already, 25 Directorate of Adult Education members of staff including regional personnel have been trained by Green’s Staff on the usage of the system with regards to entering statistics and generating reports. Having access to relevant information, knowing how and where possible challenges may arise and being able to analyse data anywhere in the country at any of the offices means that tweaks to the systems and methods of teaching can be implemented at lightning speed.

With Microsoft’s very advanced technology putting AIEMS firmly at the forefront of Business Process Automation, Collaboration and Data Analytics, the DAE now has an extremely powerful tool to assist them in fighting numeracy and literacy deficiencies. Green ensured that all of DAE’s requests were met and they now have a durable platform, using a tailormade solution to last them far into the future. Mr. Beans Ngatjizeko, outgoing director of DAE said during his speech at the launch; “A water-tight AEIMS is foreseen – as an effective and efficient data system is critical to combating illiteracy and innumeracy in Namibia.”

Not only does this system give a huge boost to the educational sector in Namibia, there’s another reason why it is a real milestone for the country. As Kehad Snydewel, MD Designate of Green said during his speech: “This System was designed and delivered by a 100% local team. As A Namibian ICT Services company, we believe in Namibia’s potential and this project is definitive proof that Namibia can deliver high tech solutions. Demonstrating that its ICT sector can become a pillar and driver of the economy providing solutions not only within Namibia but throughout Africa and beyond.”

The system is accessible in all Namibia’s regions. The Adult Education related information is now available within a matter of seconds instead of months. Serving the DAE, its mission and in turn the people who want to improve their literacy and numeracy skills and in turn empower themselves as well as Namibia. – NDN Staffer