Girlfriend murderer under police guard in Katima Mulilo

Elezo Libanda

KATIMA MULILO, MARCH 26 – A thirty-four year old man is fighting for his life at Katima Mulilo hospital after killing his girlfriend before attempting to commit suicide. The man (name provided) stabbed his girlfriend several times in the chest before fleeing the scene of crime. Upon learning that his girlfriend had succumbed to her injuries, the man locked himself in his house and tried to end his life using a kitchen knife.

However, his attempts were futile as community members stormed their way into his house and attempted to kill him.

The police were then called on the scene, and in a spectacular turn of events, the community members diverted their attention to the police, injuring some of the police officers before descending upon the police vehicles and causing significant damage.

The suspect was arrested on the scene and his currently in the Katima Mulilo state hospital under police guard.
When Namibia Daily News visited the place where the victim was staying, family members and friends explained that they knew the suspect, adding that he is known to have a violent streak.

That said, family members of the deceased said there were no indications that the couple had problems as they seemed very happy, according to one Johannes Endjala, a family friend.

Police spokesperson Inspector Kisco Sitali confirmed the sad developments, adding that the accused faces two charges: one of domestic violence and the other for murder. He will charged after he is discharged from hospital.