Ghanaian eco-artists join fight to protect natural environment

ACCRA, April 13 –Leading Ghanaian contemporary artists are the latest to come together to join the fight against environmental degradation in the country.
Speaking to Xinhua during the ongoing 2019-West Africa Eco-arts exhibition, Naa Obeye , Executive Director of Kali Etch Foundation, underscored the need to include ordinary people in the fight to restore the natural environment.
The exhibition, which lasts for around a month, seeks to inspire ordinary people to share their thoughts on the environmental issues.
The exhibition by various artists included articles made from disused vehicle tires, newspaper, fabric, jute sacks, footwear, and many others which would otherwise have been thrown away as garbage.
They artists say that changes in people’s everyday purchases and lifestyles could help save the environment.
Eco-artist Livingstone Amoako uses shells of snails, tortoise, turtle, and other shell creatures to throw light on the harm human activities have caused to the environment.
“There used to be a lot of snails in the southern part of Ghana, but now the forests are no more so they are also going extinct,” he said.
He urged all people across the globe to work together to preserve the ecosystem for prosperity.